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At MyChoice we want you to know ALL your options!

Abortion Education

If you just found out you are pregnant and were not planning to be, you probably have a lot of questions. Take the time to get answers to make an informed decision.

Adoption Facts

Adoption looks different than it did years ago. We have free referrals to  help you decide if an adoption plan is the best way to choose a future for you and your child.

Parenting Support

Whether you were planning on having a baby and need help or aren’t sure yet of what decision to make, we can assist you with information about resources.


Judgement Free Care! 

MyChoice is a non-profit organization that treats each woman as an individual deserving respect and kindness with personal attention to her unique situation.

We provide NO COST medical services and caring nonjudgemental support. 

We are committed to caring for women and their families through our free and confidential pregnancy services.

Abortion Education

Choosing to terminate a pregnancy is a hard choice. MyChoice does not provide or refer for abortion. There is a lot you need to know before making that decision. Let us help.

A limited ultrasound is meant to provide answers to the most basic and important questions in the early stages of pregnancy: 

  • Is the pregnancy safely located in the uterus
  • What is the age of the pregnancy
  • Is there a heartbeat?
  • It is important get an STI test before having an abortion. An untreated STI leads to an increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease.

Why Talk To MyChoice?

Our registered nurses and trained advocates can educate you on the pros and cons of each type of abortion as well as the possible emotional, physical and spiritual side effects so you know what to expect and how to take care of yourself.

Parenting Support

Orange County has many resources that support new parents and young families. If you are thinking about parenting but nervous about childcare, your college journey or how you will support yourself financially, we can help. Many community agencies are designed to help with those concerns.

You don’t have to do it alone!

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Adoption Facts

If you feel like neither parenting nor abortion is the right choice for you, an adoption plan may be the best way forward.

Facts about adoption:

  • You choose the family
  • You choose how much contact you have with your child after birth
  • You choose the timing of your child’s placement after birth

No-cost referrals to professionals who can guide you through adoption plans. 

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Our services are private. No parental permission required for pregnancy services.


1-Hour Appointments

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Spanish speaking appointments can be arranged.


At MyChoice we listen with open minds and love no matter what.