About MyChoice

You are more than just a number to us. We are on a first name basis with our patients because we care about you before, during and after your appointment.

ALL our patients say they would recommend us to their friends!

photo of an ultrasound being performed on a woman

MyChoice Is:

MyChoice is a non-profit organization that treats each woman as an individual deserving respect and kindness, with personal attention to her unique situation. We provide medical services and nonjudgmental support to anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our services are free and available to any woman.

MyChoice provides education and referrals to help women meet medical, legal, financial and housing needs, as well as local transportation to one of our centers.

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Free Medical Services

Registered Nurses Available

You are more than a number

At MyChoice we:
-Invite with open arms
-Engage with open spirits
-Inform with open minds
-Empower with open hearts
And Love No Matter What.

Thinking about abortion?

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and empower women faced with an unplanned pregnancy.
We do not profit from your decision.

photo of an ultrasound being performed on a woman

How can you help?

MyChoice Pregnancy Care Center relies on their financial supporters to allow their critical services to continue. You can make a difference for women in Orange County. If you know a woman who thinks she is pregnant and/or may have an STD and doesn’t know where to turn, help her by making a referral to MyChoice.

    Support MyChoice

    We are seeking ongoing financial partners, as well as one-time donors. Thank you for any gift you can make.

    Getting Started is Easy


    Call or Text 24/7!

    Our services are private. No parental permission required for pregnancy services.


    1-Hour Appointments

    Easy, Convenient 1-hour appointments. Local transportation available upon request.

    Spanish speaking appointments can be arranged.


    At MyChoice we listen with open minds and love no matter what.