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At MyChoice, we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for basic reproductive health services like pregnancy testing, STD testing and treatment, ultrasounds, consultations on options and abortion, and more. We don’t charge for our services, profit from your pregnancy or reproductive health decisions, or provide or refer for abortion services. You can confidentially receive the services and answers you need without pressure or coercion. As a free medical clinic, we have both Registered Nurses and a Family Nurse Practitioner on staff.

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I think I may be pregnant or I need to confirm my pregnancy and how far along I am.


I want to learn more about the abortion pill or abortion clinic procedures.


I am experiencing STD symptoms and want to get tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Things to Ask Before an Abortion

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MyChoice has two convenient medical clinics located in New Windsor and Middletown, New York.

No proof of citizenship or age is required. A parent is not required at your appointment. Local transportation can be provided upon request. Contact us to learn more.

¿Hablas español? Personal de habla hispana disponible.

Si te enfrentas a un embarazo inesperado, obtén más información sobre la píldora abortiva, los abortos quirúrgicos y tus opciones de embarazo. MyChoice ofrece servicios médicos e información.

Ultrasounds: A Health and Safety Step

What are the Most Common STD Symptoms?

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