Unexpected Pregnancy

Think you may be pregnant? MyChoice has your back. Our cost-free pregnancy services include, but are not limited to:

  • Onsite pregnancy tests
  • Pregnancy confirmation via ultrasound
  • Options consultations on abortion, adoption, and parenting
  • Well exams with our Family Nurse Practitioner
  • STD testing
  • Pregnancy support and prenatal classes
  • Referrals for community assistance, material aid, housing, and more


If your pregnancy is unexpected, take the next step and book an options consultation appointment today. 

What is the right choice for you? Come for an appointment to ensure you have all the information you need. 

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Pregnancy by Trimester

Pregnancy is often referred to in terms of trimesters. A pregnancy trimester is a way of categorizing the various phases of pregnancy in terms of pregnancy symptoms.

First Trimester: 1-12 weeks of pregnancy 

Second Trimester: 12-27 weeks of pregnancy

Third Trimester: Week 28 until the baby is delivered.

It is growing more common to refer to an additional fourth trimester after the baby is delivered. This fourth trimester spans the first three months of an infant’s life outside the womb, when it is necessary for the baby to be especially attached and dependent on its primary caregiver, mainly its mother.

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